For Viewers

Q: Is there a way to find out which office is closest to me?

A: Yes. First put in the location where you want to find chiropractor, then it will list a number of chiropractors in that area. Then you will find a tab on the left “Near me”. Just click it and our geolocator system will show you where is the nearest chiropractor.

For Members 

Q: Why would I pay for the paid accounts opposed to the free account?

A: free Basic membership is pretty great but has limited features. If you want to stand out from the public and in your area the paid accounts will offer a lot more.  With the little monthly cost both plans are definitely worth it we guarantee it.  Try either of them with 30 day money back.  

Q: As a local business, how does highlighting your profile help you? 

A:There are many reasons, for example to make sure that every potential customer finds the correct information about you. A wrong phone number or wrong hours of operation can cost you the customer; there are no second chances.

Q: What If a Business Has Multiple Locations? 

A: Each location of the business is treated like an individual client, and a single location’s visibility will not diminish because they’re one of many.